Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toy Story 2 Fold & Mail

Foldables are fun and quick to write. Just the thing when one is playing catch-up. And thanks to the aforementioned SNOW DAY, caught up I am.

I finally remembered to scan before I addressed this one. It's a little surprise for someone I know peeks at this blog from time to time.
5 of 365


  1. Hey Patty,

    I was quite impressed with your recycling efforts yesterday and the free McD's envelope. Way to go!! I love the images on it. That Victoria's Secret template is impressive.

    I will be showcasing your blog tomorrow. In case you didn't notice, I have done this every day since the first. Since I used some of the lovely ribbon you gifted me in the spread I made for tomorrow (Jan 6), I thought it only fair to shine a light on your blog.

    Way to go on the mail art, too. That's one thing I haven't gotten into yet.

  2. Hey Patty I come to you via the Altered Book lover, he higlighted you & I have to say I am very impressed! Don't be surprised if you get some artmail your way! You gave me quite a laugh today reading through your blog... I almost spit some coffee on my MAC! ;-) Now I am going to have to become a regular reader!

  3. Love it as usual im envious love toy story too .

  4. very fun blog and the blog name is a hoot! found you through, Elizabeth...

  5. Hey Mom,
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I updated your link on my blog so now it brings you here instead of Stardust Warehouse.

  6. I also found you through Elizabeth. Love your blog and your envelopes! Can't wait to get more acquainted with you.

  7. I think I know who is getting the Toy Story letter. I am posting as anonoymous because I am too lazy to go get my GOOGLE acct info out of my index of accts. Since you know who you sent the letter to, and I know who got the letter,shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. For those of you that are still wondering if you are getting the letter; you're NOT. This is Patty's sister and I GOT the letter..