Saturday, January 2, 2010

McD's is Giving Away Free Envelopes

Guess what? McDonald's is giving away free envelopes. I couldn't believe it. They gave one to me the other day when I drove through and ordered a McChicken sandwich from the Dollar Menu. Woot.

Careful though, if you order fries. Those crazy teenagers think that envies are food bags and are not very cautious about the grease spots.

For those of you counting, yep this is Letter #2 of 2010. And even though I couldn't count it as a letter, it gave me great pleasure to send a belated Merry Christmas card to the ACLU. 2 of 365


  1. wow Im going to have to check that out thanks for sharing and posting .

  2. Don't get too excited. I just cut and taped the bag my food came in to make the envelope. One more way to recycle!

  3. Good idea - I save kid's meal bags from our visits to fast food restaurants, to use as lunch bags on field trip days (when the teachers don't want to hassle with keeping track of lunch boxes) but maybe I'll make a few envelopes instead. :^)