Tuesday, January 5, 2010

McDonald's Bag/Envie -- Part Deux

Today is January 5th and already I am lagging behind schedule in my letter writing resolution. But, never fear. Today also happens to be the very first SNOW DAY of the school year.

So that gives me the chance to get caught up. Here is the envelope for Letter #4. It is made from the same McDonald's bag as the one a few posts back.
4 of 365


  1. wow you are so creative my dear .

  2. You are so creative! So glad a friend pointed out your blog!!

  3. Thanks, Ladies. Glad you've made it to my little corner of the Blogosphere.

  4. Patty, don't all the words on the envelope confuse the postal machines? (I found your blog on my friend's Year of Letters blog.)

    I love to reuse things but worry about extra words. I generally use pictures from magazines or books.


  5. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy it and that you'll be come a regular visitor.

    I asked my sister-in-law who works at the post office about it. She said the scanners sort the mail by looking only for the zip code. Then once it gets to the local post offices, the workers sort it out by hand. So, basically the machines ignore everything except the zip code.

    My mail seems to be getting through just fine. Google some mail art sites and see what
    they're sending. That should ease your fears. Hope all your days are good mail days!

  6. I was sooo jealous, wondering why Mc D's didn't give me an envelope when I ordered a chicken sandwich. And then I saw yours! How clever! what a good idea!
    Will have to go to McD's and get one!

  7. HAHA! At first, I was all, "FREE ENVELOPES?" and then I realized I already have a bunch of these beauties in my desk drawer. Turns out Tim Hortons and A&W hand them out too! Who knew? : )

  8. Hahaha! Just novel! I'm going to try the paper bag thing. I used to draw 'toons on my daughter's white lunch bags, until she outgrew such childish things; and I'd write dialogue for them as if she and I were the characters. Now I am going to write her a letter on one. She'll probably think I've taken up drinking, or tell me I need another pet. :)

    Wonder how long it's gonna take to read this entire blog, from beginning to end. "Hmm. Let me see," said the blind man.