Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Round Robin #7 Cards Are Home

Show Me The Money

Tee Time


Flip Flop Fun

Sunny Days

Big Top Circus

America the Beautiful


Anything Goes

One of my very favorite Yahoo! groups is Gluebots and one of the fun activities we do there are the round robins. Each participant starts with a 4 x 6-inch background card and glues one image to it. The cards are passed along with each new recipient adding an image until the cards make it back to their owners. Such fun. Above are my cards from the latest round.


  1. those are so cute and creative my dear . You awesome little woman you . Love it , thanks for sharing and posting .

  2. I see these becoming future postcards! :)

  3. Wrong! These are mine...all mine! I keep all of them in 4 x 6 photo pages.