Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School of Visual Arts

A School of Visual Arts poster was destined for File 13 at school. Rescuing it gave me four free envelopes including the one you see above.

The address label is also eco-friendly. It is made using a junk mail find for the template.
Victoria's Secret has some lovely things, and though their brochure no doubt sold a lot of underwear, I didn't add anything to their bottom line. However, I was quite happy to use the nifty template/coupon to trace and cut out a few address labels. It's a sturdy little thing and I can see it living in my mail art box for quite some time to come. 3 of 365


  1. Awesome !!! Mail art is so cool and love it .

  2. You didn't add anything to their bottom line---har, har :)
    Great stuff you are doing. You inspire me.
    Lee in cold, snow full Wisconsin

  3. How clever... I guess I'm going to have to start paying more attention to my junk mail!