Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mail Art Madness January Edition

The two pieces of mail art above come from Jennie Hinchcliff. Yes, THE Jennie Hinchcliff of Good Mail Day and Red Letter Day fame.

Andrea Jay sent these two similar pieces. The stern looking lady reminds me of my 5th grade teacher. Yikes!

Sue Wood and I are traveling companions on The Crazy Train. If you compare this scan with Sue's original here, you can see the Octopus disembarked before the train pulled into The Crazy Barn at Crockett.

PostMuse of the Orphaned Postcard Project sends this one and writes that she is enjoying making mail art using some of her old postage stamp stash. Great idea!

Recent (and not so recent) Incoming

Check out this hand-decorated envelope by Sirpa. She also decorated the pages of the letter in a similar fashion. I admire doodles. I'm not a very good doodler. You can view much better photos here on her blog.

This cheery polka dot one comes from Anita in Tennessee. Hugs and prayers to you, Anita, on the passing of your mom.

It's always neat when someone connects from out of the blue. Linda found my address or my blog and just decided to write. Love it!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

News from Wasilla

No, I don't know Sarah Palin and this post isn't about her. It's a letter (plus some pretty awesome goodies) from Tanna, one of my newish pen friends who happens to live in Wasilla, Alaska. I must admit though, in my first letter to Tanna, I did ask her if she knew Sarah Palin. She replied, "No, not personally... but I can see her house from here."

Still makes me laugh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing Farley

Meet my new friend, Farley. My pen friend, the lovely and talented Cari Polena, created him and sent him my way. How Sweet Is That! Check out her blog, Swanky Lifestyle, for cool mail art posts and more, lots more. She's made an entire finger puppet army you can see here.
Stay tuned for more posts from Farley.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

Overall, I met my goals. Write 365 letters...check. Publish more blog posts...check. (not a LOT more, but hey, 49 is more than 41) Shoot for 100 Followers...check. 112 Woot!

The only real goal I didn't meet (again) was the whole Getting Organized thing. I guess that one is a Rollover Goal (again) for 2011.