Saturday, December 18, 2010

Contest A Bust -- But Winners Nonetheless

Well, the Happy Accident Hat Contest is officially over. I left it posted for quite some time. Only three people requested a hat to decorate, so those are the three winners. All three will receive the same prize package consisting of the items shown below.

These are math chart stickers. Use the whole chart or cut them up and use only the parts you want.

Next we have a few die cut shapes...a cupcake, a present, a balloon, and a birthday cake.

A couple of sheets of Heidi Swapp arrows might come in handy to decorate some envelopes. The white arrows on the red, white, and blue set didn't show up, but, trust me, they're there.

Finally, I've included three note cards with envies, some mini playing cards, a pen, and a little mini composition book.
Oh, there are also 3 rolls of paper tape, but the scan didn't turn out well, so I didn't include it.

Congratulations, girls. I hope you enjoy the goodies.


  1. And my hat is finished! That is something of a long story. Stay tuned.. And three creative entries, while not an overwhelming revolution, is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  2. I won. I WON! What a happy jackpot! Thank you so much.

    Hatty Holidays! and a Mailart New Year!

  3. I love the arrows and the multiplication tables.
    Happy New Year!