Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Flag Up

The red flag is up on my mailbox. Please stop, Mr. Postman, and pick up these letters for my friends.

First up is a letter to Sally in one of my handmade envelopes.

The NEA is notorious for sending solicitations by mail. Jamie receives one of their repurposed envelopes.

Love those decorative tapes, but hate the price? Make your own as I did on Cat Wrangler's envie.

PJ states she will send one of her drawings to anyone who writes. I'm excited and can't wait to see what she sends me. I always envy people who draw well.

Misha gets a Gumby & Friends fold and mail.

Katie's letter is written on Glamour Girl stationery. "Real" stationery is becoming quite the rarity for me. I find myself using more and more recycled/repurposed junk mail and the like.

Here's my entry for Meet Me At Mike's Envelope Project. Wow. Can you believe one super lucky person will win EVERYTHING?

Brian's envelope is made from the cover of a calendar of buildings in Belgium.
More later this week. It's good to be back.


  1. YAY! Was wondering what happened to you! YAY!

  2. Oh! One for me. I'm so excited! It looks beautiful. Thank you :)

  3. Oh.... I am sooooo excited! Mail for me!!!!!!!! Drool.... Ok I'll do a return mail today!!!

  4. your work is gorgeous! simply so fun and so delightful and whimsical. i shall write to you as your hand must be oh so tired!!! marnie (good mail day list)

  5. Ok, so one of the things (among many) that I love about us mail art people is that most of us have some way to show off the mail we send and receive. I LOVE to see mail that I am getting from other people or mail that they have received from me. It's so fun! Thanks for that letter by the way! (Have you gotten the one I sent in return?)

  6. Hi Jamie,

    I did receive your package. Today, in fact. Well, make that yesterday now.

    Thanks so much for the awesome mail. Those are my very first paper tapes EVER! Watch for them to be featured in an upcoming post.