Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crap Pie

Normally, I would title this post Flotsam & Jetsam 25, 26. But that just doesn't grab one's attention quite as well, now does it?

Here are two more of those subscription reply cards. These were for CRAPPIE (a kind of fish) magazine. Yuck. Who wants Crap Pie?


  1. love that you sent one to your student!

  2. I think that a crap card sounds fun! I received my letter from you today. Many thanks. I like using all of those envelopes that I receive along with bills for more creative pursuits like mail art. Funny. Before I even received anything from you, I sent you one of my postcards. It should arrive soon.
    Mad Madge

  3. lol nice :P

    We used to fish for Crappies (craw-peas) in Indiana. The pond was tiny and so were the fish, but we had fun!

    Sent a letter your way today :)

  4. ME! and wooHOO, I got one! fabulous.

  5. I received mine today. Thanks! Did you receive my postcard?