Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Very First Mini-Zine

It doesn't show up very well in this scan, but I made a little pocket to hold the zine from 3/4 of a sealed envelope. Many sites show you how to fold an 8-page mini-zine from a single sheet of paper. Here is the link to one of them. The background page I used for my zine is from The Scribble Project.

Covers--Back and Front (Pages 8 and 1)

Pages 2 and 3

Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7
This little zine was so much fun to make. Oh no, I think I feel another addiction setting in.


  1. I went back and saw my letter on "February 5". Got it Monday!! It's hard to tell what else you may find on that old calendar. I think the chix-birthdays are there somewhere ;-( they didn't make it too long. The Chix Man is going to try ordering this time... Your Anonymous Sister.

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  3. Adding you to my list from 'Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2 on swap-bot'.

  4. I'm also following your blog from the Swapbot Blogger 2 Swap. I go by KountryGurl on there.

  5. I know that addiction. I did several a couple of years ago.

    I am cmarois from swap-bot & I am following your blog for Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2

  6. lisajoney here from swapbot, Be My Blog Follower 2 swap.

    I want to have a go at creating a zine too

  7. Hi! I'm eviebits from the Be My Blogger Follower swap on swap-bot.com.

    I love your blog already! I enjoy papercrafts and mail art as well and I like to see what other people are up to. I like that you reuse junk mail and found paper to make these great little works of art.

    I love the mail-art logo using the AAA stuff. Now I know what to do with those little stickers when I get them!

    I look forward to seeing more posts from you and have a nice day!

  8. Woah! That's a really cool envie! Am I on your zine list Patty?

  9. awesome zine! love your blog, will be visiting regulary!
    im following your blog now, via the swapbot swap <3

  10. hola patty! i received this awesome mail art offering from you last week!!! it was such a delightful surprise!!! i really loved the clever zine envelope, aren't zines dangerously deliciously addictive? i am actually creating one for you right now, so should be out in the mail soon... so great to meet you and discover your blog!!!

    have you ever checked out the international union of mail artists? here is the link:

    take care and see you in the mail soon!!!