Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Outbox

This may be my favorite envelope in this batch of outgoing mail. I made it from the store directory map I picked up at Target. To be truthful, I actually picked up another three or four. They were just too cute. I couldn't help it.

This one features a retro fan in the shape of a cat. It is such an odd item that I find myself wishing I had one.

This one is an introductory letter going out to someone new.

This one is made from an Arby's bag and also contains an introduction.

Yet another Arby's bag envie with yet another intro.

This one too.

This one of the Mad Hatter comes from a poster advertising Barter Theatre's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.


  1. Hahahaha your envelopes make me laugh so much.
    I owe you a reply but it's the weekend now so I'll have it out by monday! =]
    I love that alice one btw

  2. To "The Queen of Recycling",

    Target and the Mad Hatter are my favorites!

  3. great, great, great! I love the Target envelope and am a sucker for vintage things like that cat/fan.

  4. Wonderful envelopes, especially the Target one!!

  5. like them all and the stamps too!

  6. Great envelopes! I've been gathering "food" items, too.


  7. I'm so glad you found a use for the Alice in Wonderland posters. Glad I didn't throw them away. :) I knew better. Love you!

  8. i just found you through the gorgeous faiza's blog. i just love what you are finding here with these envelopes! they charm & warm my heart greatly. now i'm picturing your mailbox stuffed with dreamy envelopes for you!

  9. Patti, I'm following you now. Those envelopes are great. Would you follow on my blog? That way I can get back here and find you easily. Thanks, Coleen, an American in Ukraine

  10. I really love your envelopes! They are so inventive, I feel like hunting through all my recycling now to see if I'm throwing it out unecessarily!!