Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Busy August -- Part One

Here are the postcards I received via Postcrossing for the month of August. With back-to-school, continued recuperation from surgery, and the canning and freezing of garden produce, well, all that is kicking my can. Seriously. Perhaps I can catch my breath over the Labor Day weekend and come back and enter some captions for these cool cards. I apologize to the senders. Thanks so much for these bright spots in my hectic days.


  1. Lovely just lovely cards and I wish I coudl get one of those granny cards . I love them so much and would love to get one .

  2. I hope that you feel better and get caught up soon! You sound so tired...

  3. Great postcards! "Greetings from Holland" - eek!

  4. Hope you get your zip back soon. :) Not sure which card I like best, since each one has its own appeal, so I will simply like them all. :)

    Hope your can stops getting kicked! You'll be kicking back soon, right? :D

    Southern hugs! (They come with a little Jack Daniels.) Hic!