Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun Pop-Up Mail

Miriam in Florida sent me this fun mail. It appears she used file folders to cover some sort of advertising mail. The theme is West Palm Beach. LOOK! Yikes, an alligator. BEFORE YOU LEAP! Great advice.

This shot shows the business pages of the card, the place where the fun stuff happens. The round target on the left side of the photo pops up as the card is opened.

Here's the pop-up part that was cut out of the view in the last photo. The target's base is a CD I assume came affixed to the original mail.

The back cover shows one last pic of WPB, a water park. I want to go! Well, maybe not to the water park, but certainly to West Palm Beach.

Thanks for such fun in my mailbox, Miriam.


  1. Hey - that's fun! Love that Diva Duck...

  2. LOL! Neat n creative. Glad you're back. Be well!

  3. gotta say I love the diva duck too .

  4. Hi! We felt today's earthquake near Richmond all the way down here in Waxhaw. I am assuming that if we did you did as well... Is everything OK? I hope so! I also hope that you are feeling better. Did you get my get well goodies? There was some question in my mind whether or not it would make it in the mail being that it wasn't a "normal" envelope. Well anyway, I hope all is well! Take care! elle