Friday, July 8, 2011

Call Me Fishmail

The recent spate of fish-themed mailart over at mailart365 reminded me of this piece I had done and never posted. It surprised me to note that I scanned it almost exactly a year ago.

It was a fun piece to do and went to Carolee, one of the authors of Good Mail Day.


  1. That is so cool and for you to use the first line of moby dick is awesome , Just call me fishmail instead of call me ishmael . Love the reference .

  2. Brilliant! So fun! And I like your printing - from the "Patty" all the way through to the last "1."

  3. LOL! I'd have bought that if it were for sale. I like it just that much. Did you save the image? It would be ideal as mailers for my Gefilte Fish.

    Talented you are!