Saturday, January 29, 2011

News from Wasilla

No, I don't know Sarah Palin and this post isn't about her. It's a letter (plus some pretty awesome goodies) from Tanna, one of my newish pen friends who happens to live in Wasilla, Alaska. I must admit though, in my first letter to Tanna, I did ask her if she knew Sarah Palin. She replied, "No, not personally... but I can see her house from here."

Still makes me laugh.


  1. But can she see Tina Fey's house from her front porch? =D My husband won $40 from some coworkers who didn't know it was Fey's quote so we always get a kick out of said quote.

  2. Hi Patty! I got your postcard yesterday! Can't wait for the letter!

  3. Oh. Does Tanna live in Russia?

  4. Nope, Sue. Tanna lives in Wasilla, but apparently can see Sarah Palin's house from where she lives.