Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mail Art Madness January Edition

The two pieces of mail art above come from Jennie Hinchcliff. Yes, THE Jennie Hinchcliff of Good Mail Day and Red Letter Day fame.

Andrea Jay sent these two similar pieces. The stern looking lady reminds me of my 5th grade teacher. Yikes!

Sue Wood and I are traveling companions on The Crazy Train. If you compare this scan with Sue's original here, you can see the Octopus disembarked before the train pulled into The Crazy Barn at Crockett.

PostMuse of the Orphaned Postcard Project sends this one and writes that she is enjoying making mail art using some of her old postage stamp stash. Great idea!


  1. Well, it's always interesting to see how these pieces survive their adventure in the Postal System. I wonder where the Octopus went... dead letter office?

  2. Maybe just veered off on one of the Crazy Train sidetracks.

  3. Patty, What a great blog! I'm looking forward to being a follower and see what kinds of art come in the mail for you. I found you through Leaving A Paper Trail.

  4. Hello Patty, Did my postcard from the MA365 project ever get to you? Since we're in the same state I figured on it arriving, but who knows.

  5. Hi Mim,
    I'm thinking yes, it did. It seems that it was a card with an older model auto on it (could that be right?), but I can't find it for the life of me. It's possible that I put the card in my school bookbag, and it may be languishing on my desk among all the Geometry problems. What a fate.

  6. I'm not sure if you're interested But I adore writing letters & would love to try & be penpals :)
    My Blog is here -
    I'd love you (or anyone who'd love a penpal) to contact me!

    :) Peace&Letters

  7. That stern old woman is frightening and awesome all at once.