Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Forgot..............Again!

I forgot two things actually. First, I forgot to scan the envelope before I addressed it and so had to cover the address. Then, I forgot to rotate the photo and so it is oriented the wrong way. I'm not starting over, so you have a few options.

1) Imagine it is rotated.
2) Turn your head sideways.
3) Rotate the computer screen.
4) Embrace imperfection.


  1. I prefer the last option embrace imperfection LOL !!!

  2. Me too. I've had to learn to live with imperfection. Either that or go crazy! Some would say I've done both. ha, ha

  3. I love your choices. I especially liked "rotate the computer screen." That one had me rolling on the floor so hard and wildly I nearly landed on Bleubeard.

    Of course, embracing imperfection is nothing new in my world. I don't think I've ever made anything that was perfect. I personally call that "hand made."