Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Postcrossing Card

Recently I joined Postcrossing and mailed out my first five cards. After six days of traveling, my first card arrived in Germany. That meant I was then eligible to send out another card, which I did. But more importantly, it meant that I was eligible to RECEIVE my first card. So, then the wait began. The wait was worth it. I got my very first card from Michele (Michael) in
Venice, Italy.

Surely Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I'd love to visit there some day. Until then, I will have to be content visiting via The Travel Channel and postcards. Ciao!


  1. I'm also a new member! I sent 2 cards (both arrived!) and get 2 cards! :D
    I love postcrossing! ^^

  2. I just recently joined postcrossing too wow and have gotten three cards already !!! I think the site postcrossing is totally awesome !!! all that foo-fa-lah !!!!

  3. That's a beautiful card! I, too, am on postcrossing. You might also like the "sendsomething" site.

    Your blog is something special! I love your creativity!