Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Couple of First Evers

Here's my very first handcarved eraser stamp EVER. I was so proud and showed the carving and my first stamped images of it to my husband.

Me: Look! My first handcarved stamp.
Him: What's wrong with his pecker?
Me: Uh...that's his hand.
Him: Looks like a pecker to me.
Me: It's his hand. So he can hold a letter. I'm going to make another stamp of a mailbox.
Him: He looks like a mailbox. (Pause) With feet. (Another pause) And a pecker.

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  1. This gave me a good giggle this morning. I wouldn't have said what your husband said, but I suppose I can see his point now! I'd love to try some stamp carving myself.

  2. Oh my god ! It made me laugh !! ! :D :D haha Well.. for a first, I think its ... good ? That's some way of describing the caring. haha I have never tried to carve anything. I would love to try too !!! Maybe it will come good ! :) Well.. who knows !

  3. Hello Patty! you forgot to write ID on a postcard. please write it on a message.
    Autumn_coffee from

  4. I like your carving!! I think it is really cute. I live in a house full of guys (one husband, 2 sons, male dog...)everything looks like a pecker to them. I think it is a guy thing. Thanks for sharing I needed a good laugh!

  5. Better sign up again for Eraser Carving 101.

    Angela (signed anonymously, easier than looking up my ID)

  6. I love your new stamp Patty! It's so fun to make stamps I do it too :) And your conversation with your husband is to funny. I really did laugh out loud.
    I think adding the mailbox will make everything a little clearer ;)
    Much Love,

  7. Great stamp, and what a funny dialogue. Oh dear. I think it's great, and I LOVE carving erasers! Mostly abstract though. I haven't tried anything quite so daring.

  8. LOL for real here! My immediate impression was an alien offering a hand for a shake. The second I read what your husband said . . . All I see now is pecker. Oh, goodness!

  9. Sheesh! I plumb forgot my main purpose for writing! Still LOL!

    Thank you! Your lovely letter and goodies came! You cannot imagine how important they are. Keep an eye on the post for some "things" from my neck of Texas.

    And, "Hey!" from This Limner :D

  10. Too funny! I am truly laughing out loud! I think this needs to be stamped on ALL of your mailart!