Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Mysterious Card

At first, I thought the card above must be one from the Postcrossing exchange. But, apparently not. There is no ID# and no return address. Ah, well...

This lovely card of Masquerade Procession on St. Isaac's Square, St. Petersburg comes with this cryptic message:

Hi, misterious person!
Here's a misterious card for you. :-)
Have a good day,

Why, thank you, Nataly. Have a good day yourself.


  1. wow really strange . thanks for sharing .

  2. I've looked back through my Sent/Received notebook and can't find a Nataly anywhere. Perhaps she just found my address online and wrote. I wish I could answer back. Anyway, if Nataly reads Just Letter Rip, please know your card arrived and is appreciated!