Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yoohoo... Free Uhu

Hi Everyone!

Check this out. Who knew Uhu had a free Sample-of-the-Month feature?

Not me. But now I do, and you can bet I'll be a regular visitor. To get these free items, you must live in the USA or Canada, have a blog, and promise to do an honest review of the products you receive. How easy is that!

I've seen a couple of decorated clipboards posted on the site, but I have a different idea for mine. Stay tuned for a future posting. Details for the samples are here: http://www.gluewithuhu.com/


  1. okay patti I just emailed rose and I want in on this . thanks for letting us know . You are awesome my dear . thanks for sharing .

  2. The January samples will be out the first week in (yep, you guessed it) January. Be sure to check often since they only have 15 samples each month. This month is the glue roller and a surprise.