Friday, August 14, 2009

Mail from Mashpee

Lizbeth Meredith, Calendar Girl Extraordinaire, sent these two items a couple of weeks apart. Yeah, I'm behind. Hence, the doubling up on the photos. The two are quite different in tone and content. The handmade butterfly card is so pretty and so serene. I love it.

The second piece gives a nod to "the spirit of Just Letter Rip" with the letter written on the back of some scrapbook paper she didn't like. Plus, the Number Nightmare envelope is an inside-outie. I love it, too. And, it's okay. Not everyone has to like numbers. Some of us don't care for turnips much either.


  1. ewww turnips no thank you . I hate turnips . cute card though .

  2. hello got your letter today august 31 st. I was going to tell you that the blog is fixed now and you can follow . some hacker was messing with me . they are gone now , try it now and let me know .